“For it is always the individual who inspires the collective to elicit true change.”

Words by Liana Cornell
Founder of Refugia

Our documentary series, Refugia, is available to stream worldwide via Waterbear. Through a positive lens, Refugia’s founder, Liana Cornell, activates her inescapable urge to do more, and gains a deeper understanding of the current crises in nature, and the people devoted to preventing them.

From the perspective of the five elements present in every living thing – earth, air, fire, water, spirit – Refugia reveals the good work undertaken by unsung, everyday heroes. We also celebrate communities and companies dedicated to nurturing nature, and preserving these pockets of protection.

Cinematically stunning, bold, personal and evocative, Refugia illuminates their rewarding stories, and inspires us to realise that we are the solution. When we react with action, we unite in a compassionate, global collective, creating continuing, constructive change.

To do so is in our nature… and our nature is in us.

Help Build Refugia

Gifts and grants from individual donors, foundations, and corporations directly support our chosen charities as they seek to transform and preserve our environmnet, and ultimately, the people who inhabit them.