Welcome to the Refugia Journal

Welcome to the Refugia Journal

We’re here on the Refugia Journal to talk to you about a topic we don't really hear enough about. The good. Every time I turn on the news, it's always pain and scarcity and woe. It almost feels as if it's all on slow motion repeat, but underneath this obsession, there is always the heartbeat of goodness. Though we rarely see it in the media, the good is out there fighting on. No matter who is president, or prime minister, or queen or king. No matter the hatred, the greed, the control, the good goes on.

We don't have to accept what is happening to our planet. We instead get to aim for a legacy. We get to be truly good. So just remember the next time you feel overwhelmed by the world, the people out there doing good work, offering their lives for the good. People like our original landholders, deep respect to Bundjalung nation, Butchulla nation, Kokojelandji nation. People at Rainforest Rescue, Big Scrub, Sea Shepherd, Great Barrier Reef Legacy, the volunteers, the businesses, the organisations, the people inside of our governments and other systems battling on. The everyday folk who do a little bit each day. In the wise words of children, "The good survives." Each of us holds this spark of goodness. And together we are a shining light of good. We will always be connected by this, no matter what stands in our way. We are united forever by the good. So don't let the light go out.

This journey of founding Refugia has taught me that no matter how dark and despairing the world seems, there is always good to be found. No matter the war, the pain, the death, the emptiness, there is always an equal of its opposite. The duality of life will ensure that the good will continue to be done, and we get to help shift the weight back to the side of betterment for all. There are so many people already doing this, changing the planet for the greater good. All is not lost, and it's time to tip the scales back in the direction of the good - and the power is in your hands. It's in your actions, your choices, your words. Every day, you get to make a difference. You get to find your channel of good, and be a ripple in this revolutionary wave of goodness. One drop may seem like nothing, but a billion of them? Well, that's surely enough to wash the world anew.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

In gratitude,

Liana Cornell
Founder of RefugiaWorld.org