“Diversity creates harmony, and harmony creates beauty, bounty and peace in nature and society.”

Words by Vandana Shiva
Indian scholar and environmental activist

With everything that is going on in the world, it’s sometimes hard to stay positive. However, there are already so many brilliant people doing incredible work for our planet, helping to solve our current collective crises every day. If you would like to find out more, or to donate to one of our Refugia heroes, please scroll below.



Protecting the last remaining rainforests and wild places from deforestation.
  • Helped Rainforest Rescue repurchase land in Marja (aka the Daintree)

  • Contributed to land buy back in the Daintree to support cassowary conservation.

  • Purchased a vehicle which has already performed 5 beach cleans of K’Gari island.

  • Built a new aviary for the Australian Seabird Rescue.

  • Donated to WIRES Northern NSW branch and the RFS Mullumbimby branch before and during the Australian Bushfires of 2019

  • Donated to Big Scrub Landcare, ensuring that species are protected from biodiversity loss due to Climate Change through a native seed growing and saving program.

  • Donated to Sea Shepherd, who used the money for the funding of their Australian fleets.

  • Donated to Stop Adani Movement.


Partnering with major and grassroots organisations to ensure ecosystems are healthy. Focus on regenerative agriculture, food forest planting, and biodiversity.
  • Supported planting of endemic native species in Marja to support cassowary conservation with Rainforest Rescue.

  • Helped GBRL continue their research efforts to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Donated to Big Scrub Landcare, for a native seed growing and saving program.

  • Supported irrigation of a hemp farm in the Ballina hinterland to promote soil regeneration and carbon capture.

  • Supported the planting of large seaweed forest for carbon capture and regeneration in Sydney through SIMS.

  • Donated to Byron Bay Herb Nursery which allowed for the purchase of bee hives and nest boxes for the centre.

Shifting Power

Working with different cultures globally to ensure that traditional ways of landkeeping are upheld, as well as preserving important cultural history and practices.
  • Supported the purchase of materials to preserve and create culture through Jabalbina Aboriginal Corporation.

  • Currently in the early stages of building the creation of turtle-shaped hempcrete buildings with the Bundjalung people of Tabulum via work with Hemp Masonry.

  • Created a biodiverse cultural remembrance garden for Bundjalung area with Delta Kay.

  • Funded a short film for social media for cultural exploration of Concepts of Country by Marlikka Pedrisat.


Educating the community through media, advocacy, and the amplification of diverse voices.
  • Funded the construction of a recycled plastics park bench aimed at teaching residents in Broome about the dangers of plastics through Straw No More.

  • Supported the development of a short film by Molly from Straw No More.

  • Worked with REPLAS to create a recycled set of signage teaching kids in schools about how to recycle plastic.

  • Purchased and redistributed copies of ‘A Stray Liana’ by Daintree local, Neil Hewett to promote conservation efforts in the Daintree.

  • Co-funded a Stardust Foundation enterprise to create eco, vegan soap, educating people about the environment and how to be more plastic-free.

Explore the Work of Some of Our Partners

Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation
Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation
Ensures these sacred lands in Northern Queensland are both environmentally and culturally secure.
Rainforest Rescue
Protects and restores rainforests in Australia and internationally.
Protects and nourishes cassowaries.
Great Barrier Reef Legacy
Great Barrier Reef Legacy
Securing the survival of coral reefs world-wide.
K’Gari Butchulla People
Embody the power of living in symbiosis with the sea through dance and culture.
Australian Sea Bird Rescue
Australian Sea Bird Rescue
Aim to reduce human impact on coastal wildlife.
Straw No More
Straw No More
Encourage every school in Australia to stop the use of plastic straws in school canteens.
Rural Fire Service, Mullumbimby (RFS)
Battling the blazes to minimise the impact of fire in NSW.
Big Scrub Landcare
Restores and cares for our critically endangered big scrub rainforests.
Bundjalung Nation
Bundjalung Nation
Passionate about sharing culture and protecting country.
SIMS – Operation Crayweed
Replenishes Sydney’s underwater forests by reintroducing crayweed plantations.
The Living School
The Living School
A co-learning school community, educating for a sustainable and successful future.
Byron Bay Herb Nursery
Byron Bay Herb Nursery
Provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities, producing high quality herbs and sustainable products.
Bunyarra Culture Collective
Bunyarra Culture Collective
A local expression of traditional and contemporary First Nations people’s dance, music and painting.
Love Cabins
A solar-passive design builder, developing the award-winning Love Cabins in the Blue Mountains, Australia.
Australian Hemp Masonry Company
Australian Hemp Masonry Company
A building company replacing concrete with hempcrete.
Australia’s leading mixed recycled plastic manufacturer turning plastic waste into quality sustainable products.
Trees Make Rain
Trees Make Rain
Planting forests for a safer climate.
Solar Whisper
A solar-powered boat providing informative tours of the incredible wildlife on the Jalumba river (aka Daintree river).
Weilhouse Living
Weilhouse Living
Sustainable accommodation and permaculture farming in Bellingen.
Cooper Creek Wilderness Tour
Cooper Creek Wilderness Tour
Guided walking tours through the heart of the world's oldest rainforest.

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